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MYK, Inc.

WLAN access point MYK2003FNEWS&

September 13, 2012

MYK, Inc.
CEO Minoru Otani

WLAN access point MYK2003F

  MYK has launched a WLAN access point MYK2003F. This access point provides functions of 2.4GHz wireless LAN master.


  With the spread of wireless LAN, wireless LAN access point is now widely used in business applications. For commercial, supply and support long-term stability has become a big problem. Ensure the long-term supply and support for commercial, this product can be used alone, and can also be built into the user equipment.


  • Small size: 90mm x 60mm x 18mm
  • Low power consumption: average 1.5W(Note1)
  • Wide temperature range: operating temperature -20° to +60°


  • Wireless M2M
  • Printer
  • Sensor networks
  • Home networks

Main specifications

Model number MYK2003F
Radio 802.11b/g/n MAX150Mbps
Antenna External
Radio tx power 802.11b/g/n 20dBm+-2dBm
Radio rx sensitivity 802.11b -90dBm typical
802.11g -75dBm typical
802.11n@MCS7 -71dBm typical
Wired interface 10Base-T/100Base-TX 2port(One can be power supplied by 12V PoE)
USB2.0(Host) High speed. Note2
Security mode WEP, WPA/WPA2 WPA/WPA2-PS, 802.1xK
Set-up and administration Web server
Power (V) 12V or 12V PoE
Power consumption (mW) Average 1500(Note1)
Operating temperature -20° to +60°
Storage temperature -20° to +60°
Size (mm) 90 x 60 x 18
Option Standard ABS plastic housing, Coaxial cable, 5dBi antenna
Authentication Telec, FCC, CE
  Note1: WLAN and ethernet 2 port operation
  Note2: Can not connect with USB1.0,1.1



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